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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Black Alpaca with Nepalese Recycled Sari Silk!

Well, it is done, and I almost really like it. The silk has no elasticity so it needed some reinforcement to look "right" and I did that by gathering it up on a piece of alpaca. Then I added the pearly buttons. I didn't set out to make a button front cardi but added them after the fact, when the drape of the sweater begged for buttons.

I think I read somewhere that there are about 45 knitting days until Christmas... I began my mother's shawl before Halloween and have made negative progress on it due to a miscount. I restarted it a few days ago. Tomorrow I have many meetings to attend, so I hope to make Great Progress on it. No pictures of that since Mom occasionally looks at this. She picked out the pattern and asked me to surprise her with color and content. Well, I'd better go knit now...

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