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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Loot from the Fingerlakes Fiber Arts Festival!

I brought home many hours worth of spinning pleasure in the form of ready to spin rovings:

The blue and white, above, is alpaca with tussah silk (the blue is the silk) purchased from Birgitta Nostring, All Strings Considered. It is softer than velvet and the blue has a sheen to it.

Merino Tencel blend
The camel colored stuff is just a little hank the vendor gave me to practice with. The purpley, shiney ball is a future pair of socks!

This pretty mix is a wool blend with streaks of yellows, greens and bluish purples. I look forward to seeing how that spins up. Mostly, I picked that one to see what happens with colored roving.

This is still part of the original roving Debi got me started wtih. The skein on the left is the second skein, all ready to fondle, knit or simply admire.

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