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Monday, September 03, 2007

Monkey Mess

The other day I smugly and fearlessly knitted on my current Monkey socks on the needles without checking on the pattern to see where I was because I was "certain" I knew I was finishing the gusset. As it happens, I was finished with the gusset and went on to decrease too much. I've ripped back, and now and working on sorting out the stitches on the four needles. Ugh.

Then, the Pea Pod baby sweater measurements went awry for me and I will now be reknitting the sleeves to fit the body which managed to come out as a 24 month size. That's typical for me. The gage was really okay when I started, but I didn't check it as I went along and managed to loosen up as I went along. It is not an insurmountable problem. Actually, in this size, I can take my time since Baby C is only two months old.

One thing that has been going well is SPINNING!

Here is my first skein hanging in my kitchen following a plying, twist setting and fulling session at Debi's home. Next time, I will not twist it QUITE so much. This has a tad too much desire to turn.
My Darling Husband, who had no idea what to expect from this spinning thing I've been doing, looked at the skein in astonishment and said, "It's like you just pulled it out of the bag!" He was referring to the bag of bats I got from Debi. You know, if you know wool, that the bag looks as though it has just as much in it as when I started. Actually, this two ply skein weighs one ounce and has 26 yards of wool before fulling. It probably has a bit less length, now, but I am not sure I will use it in a project or just save it for my own astonishment.

Look below and you will see that plying was a good thing for this skein since my product was uneven. It has a nice spring to it, thanks to the romney blend and also due to my twist.

Oh, but it is time for more plying. See the ball I wound off today, having spun it since Saturday. It is, I am pleased to say, more even than the first.

This is so much fun. I'm hooked.

Tomorrow I must go back to earning a living. That means less time to spin and knit and other fun stuff, but it does mean more filthy lucre to spend on supplies. I'll be needing my own niddy-noddy and a lazy kate and certainly some more roving...



  • This is sooo cool. If you need a lazy Kate, I have one living at my house that I can spare!

    As for the frogging, etc.: you either needed another martini, or had too many! Speaking of drinking, the mint did really well this summer, and there's still time for some serious knitting and serious mojitos on the patio!

    By Anonymous Your lovely DKC co-president, at 7:20 PM  

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