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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bitten and Smitten!

For years I have wished to learn to spin but hesitated because I knew it would probably mean a redirection of my limited resources such as time, money, space and the like. It also seemed to mean travel time and so, I held back. I reasoned that I was content with the quality and consistency of commercially available fibers.

Well, that's over. I lost my spinning virginity at a friend's house last night and I can't wait to do it some more! The drop spindle, left, shows some of my first yardage. Isn't it slubberly?

Here she is, my friend Debi, ready to lead me down the road to ruin! She did a great job of indoctrinating me. She is showing me one of her many drop spindles. She has a few (wink! wink!)

Debi and I have known each other for about a dozen years, give or take, and used to pursue quilting together in a big way. Our husbands are friends, too, but we kind of lost touch when our kids grew up a bit, I returned to the paid workforce and picked up a master's degree. While I was learning about library management Debi learned to spin. How handy is that? Now she's teaching me.

Here is some silk Debi spun on this lovely little spindle. And the china basket, among other things, holds some other samples of her work. (Then there were the dressers, the gentleman's chest, the former china cabinet, the bags on the floor...)

I hope Debi knits this up soon. I found it incredibly tempting. Maybe a Baby Surprise jacket? Debi has a bit more fiber and tools than you see here, and all of it enviable.

We were together for about two hours, we spun and knit, and never got around to using any of her three spinning wheels. We need to get together again, soon, to do it all again.

Now, I proudly present, my first attempts:

My spindle, filling up, with my first spun yarn!
Debi is a good spinner and teacher. Her url says it all: Look her up!



  • Great post, Patti! I had a great time Tuesday night, also!!! I thought you were "hooked" (ha-ha), but now I know you are!!! The late midnight hours and early morning communing with your spindle are a dead give-away!!! Now, don't let it take over your life, 'cause you know it can!!!!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:00 AM  

  • 4AM? You are spinning at 4AM? This is why there are LYS!

    By Anonymous The non-spinning co-president of the DKC, at 7:23 PM  

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