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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm a Cast On Knitting Scout!

Brenda Dayne continues to be my favorite knitting podcaster and she has a camp theme going on right now on her site and podcast. Sign me up, Brenda!

"Wherein it is acknowledged that members are:

  • Not opposed to alcohol.
  • Into badges.
  • Mostly in agreement that there is no right way to knit.
  • Committed to diligent positive and accurate presentation of knitting and knitters, to editors, producers, directors, and those generally presumed to be part of “The Media” in an effort to close the gap of Public Knitting Literacy."
Here are my badges earned so far:
This MacGyver Level I badge symbolizes my knitting cleverness using non-knitting objects in a knitting related scenario. Well, lever back pierced earrings have shown up in my stitch count in a pinch. Paper clips, too. I've also used short bamboo skewers or mini golf pencils for cable needles when mine has disappeared down the cushions of a chair or between the seats of the car.

MacGyver Level Two represents my use of a knitting tool in a non knitting scenario. Well, that would be my resourceful use of size 2 DPNs to unlock the bathroom door. We do not even own a key. If you needed a key to my bathroom door I would hand you a size 2 knitting needle.

Proselytize Knitting Badge: Every scout must earn this one. According to our scout leader, Brenda, "the recipient must do his or her bit to present knitting in a positive light, whilst at the same time avoiding all references to “hipness”, grandmothers, and yoga." Well, I blog positively about it, do it in public, do it in private, talk about it and politely try to wait until others have inquired about before I start going on about it. I believe my behavior is a positive display of knitterliness and I hereby accept my badge and will do my best to honor it.

Knitting Under the Influence Badge. This summer's official drink of our Thirsty Knitters Club (the alternate name of our DKC) seemed to be Long Island Iced Tea, best when consumed by the lake while knitting with the club. Co Founder and Co President Susan and I even have official DKC glasses for use at our gatherings. (Where are they, anyway?) Why, Susan even makes award winning wines! Cheers!

Take a look at the Order of Cast On Knitters' links to see about potential further achievements. I might submit a pattern to a knitting magazine just so I can earn one of those sassy rejection buttons!

By the way, go here to wish Susan best of luck at the New York State Fair where she has gone to collect medals for her wines!



  • The glasses are in my cupboard. They're getting mighty dusty, by the way. Time for a club meeting!

    By Anonymous The Thirsty Co-President of the DNC, at 7:27 PM  

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