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Monday, June 25, 2007

There, my friend, is one of the best lookin' socks you'll ever see. Your blue ribbon is mine! (You know who you are. Mwahaha!)

Some Shady Business
The elusive, camera shy equestrian blazer is in pieces, waiting for blocking before assembly.
This represents about five skeins of Brown Sheep Nature Spun in "Beet Red." It is a bit pinker than the red of the oriental carpet. It has a navy haze to it, as well, but it is the color of beets. I love beets. Nature's candy. I love this color, too. It will look good with everything in my fall and winter wardrobe.
First, a good soak in the tub. Everything feels better after that. People are a lot like sweaters that way, don't you think? This soaked while I prepared lunch and went about my business for oh, say, 30 minutes. Then it was blocking time.
I consulted the measurements in the IK magazine and came darn close. I used a sewing pattern layout board thing to pin the pieces to. Now the blazer is sitting in the shade on this warm, breezy day. Usually I pin things out on the carpet in the family room. (My pets do respect the work and tiptoe around it!) Then I set up a fan and come back later. Well, that fan went to camp yesterday but with fewer people at home no one is complaining about loss of the table.
Well, it is not dinner time yet...

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  • Sheesh! You are getting downright competitive! I always wondered how to spell "Mwahahaha."

    By Blogger Susan, at 5:30 AM  

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