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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fingerlakes Fiber Arts Festival

Look at how much fun Sue is having knitting on the World's Largest Sock. I wonder what she is thinking about as she smiles so radiantly? Perhaps she is smug that she seems to be the youngest knitter on the job at that point in time. Her birthday is looming.

I worked on the big boy, too, at the Fingerlakes Fiber Arts Festival in Hemlock, NY. We enjoyed a scenic two and a half hour drive there on a beautiful Sunday. We arrived shortly after the opening, say about 10:30 AM and stayed until they were closing the place down after 4 PM.

The industrious guild members worked on a sheep to shawl project. It looked quite promising at the start time of 11 AM.

I must confess that I did not see the finished product but have no doubt that it was a beautiful sight. I got swept away supporting the vendors. More on that, next time. The festival was a delight of demos, classes, vendors and like-minded people. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and will definitely attend again.

Which of these looks like lunch?

Actually, both look like they COULD be lunch, but the actual lunch is on the right and was as big a treat as the fiber festival for me. It was Artichoke French over Beans and Greens with a couple of slices of baguette. Loved, loved, loved it.

The salad on the left is only mulberry leaves for the silkworms squirming on it. Not MY lunch.

Next time: Acquisitions and RAVELRY! Yep, I'm in! Look for Pattipurls. Well, after I get my act together there. I wonder if there is a knitting group on Ravelry for fans of Dr. Who?



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