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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bridemaid's Second Choice

Or, should I say, Bridemaid's Choice, the Second? Be that as it may, I am once again knitting on this underappreciated, versatile pattern from IK Knits, summer 2001. This one has Nepalese recycled sari silk for the neckline and the entire body is black alpaca from All Strings Considered. I bought this stuff last summer at the Scandinavian Folk Festival. I showed it to Birgitta when I saw her at the Fingerlakes Fiber Arts Festival and she heartily approved. (Of course she would, she is a vendor). But, I do think that the materials are suited to the design in that the sari silk is rather rigid and creates a firm neckline, and the body of the sweater is lightweight and thin and in Alpaca will be warm with a nice drape.

That teeny photo doesn't really do it justice. It is hard for me to get a good photo of the black alpaca because it does not have the gloss or shine of merino. It wants to absorb all of the flash the camera wants to muster and other photos end up over exposed. Oh, give me my plain old 35 mm with automatic nothing!

Soon, the sleeves will be off of stitch holders and I can try this on in daylight. That will be a better photo op.

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