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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lots to cover

And I'm knitting to do so!
First, the feet. The red slippers are the fibertrends clog knitted up in Cascade 220, before felting, and after. I later added a black suede sole I made myself out of a huge black suede vest purchased at Salvation Army for about $3. My feet and warm and cozy.

Next, the body. My body is also warm and cozy in the Weasley sweater knitted up in Plymouth Galway. I used the pattern at that link and had this ensemble ready for Halloween! No it wasn't for the boys, it was for the librarian! It was a big hit, K-12.

I had purchased ten skeins, so as to avoid disaster. I had four left over. These I used to cover and warm up my mother. I had enough left over (four skeins) to make the clapotis for her for Christmas. This picture shows it unblocked, but it was even lovelier and bigger once it was blocked. That was fun to knit, such a clever pattern, and I will definitely knit it again for those reasons and also because I want one for myself!

The grey scarf and headband are some of that ever so soft and warm alpaca I purchased last summer at the scandinavian folk festival. I had very good intentions of making the scarf for my wonderful husband but I forgot that his coat is a sort of khaki olive and this gray just looked like a dog's breakfast with it. Too bad for him, I absolutely had to keep it for myself as it looks stunning with my black coat. The scarf pattern can be found here and the headband here, and the mitts here.

And, of course, my favorite socks to wear, so far. These are from yet another Opal yarn. They appear to be covered in pink confetti, so cheerful.

A baby sweater and hat with matching big sister mittens was camera shy and gifted before I realized what had happened. That consumed the better part of a Cascade 220 Superwash in a rather hot shade of pink.

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