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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another Shawl
Icarus was not yet ready to go out to dinner last evening, so I wore what I consider to be my learning shawl. It is really The Aran Weight Victorian Lace Shawl which I knitted beginning in May and finishing at the end of June. It is true that lace items on the needles are larger than they appear. I unintentionally made this shawl absolutely huge. In the following picture I actually have the shawl folded in half down the center back so it is doubled. We were sitting on a boat, not strolling around, so I was safe from tripping on it!

I took evasive action when I finally admitted that I would not have enough of the lovely alpaca to finish Icarus. After contacting my original vendor and not getting any I looked at Knitpicks online and ordered another lovely alpaca in a heathery version of the rusty red. Or, I do hope that's what it is when it arrives. It is my intention to use that color for the fourth and final lace chart. I am nearly done with chart 3 and am very pleased with the emerging feathers! The order should arrive by the end of the week. Since I was ordering from them anyway, I decided to get a few more things. I expect to be making the Adamas Shawl in a lovely deep purple called "vineyard." Someday.

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